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microsoft office logo
microsoft office logo

What is Microsoft Office? Microsoft Office is an office application package software made by Microsoft and designed to run under the Microsoft Windows operating system and also Mac OS X. Some of the applications in Microsoft Office are also well known, namely Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Released on November 19, 1990. And they also use more than 35 languages ​​that you can use. Microsoft Office also uses the C++ and Objective-C programming languages. Even today, this program is the most widely used spreadsheet program by many parties. Both on PC platforms based on Windows and Macintosh platforms based on Mac OS, since version 5.0 was published in 1993.

Advantages of Microsoft Office

  • Service free international calls every month and using Skype.
  • Can also be used in multiple devices at once.
  • Has a very sophisticated level of security.
  • Provides a very complete range of supporting applications.

Regardless of Microsoft Office of course we already know if Microsoft Office at this time has expanded its services. Indeed, at the beginning of its release, it only had 3 services, namely Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. But on every service it is presented through Microsoft Office will help in maximizing user activity.

microsoft office
microsoft office

Microsoft Officethis turned out to be a service that is used for office needs in making something web or something else. You can use this application for free and it is easy to use. Microsoft Office You can also use this to store data that is in the form of digital data in the form of letters, images and numbers.

Matters related to office data will be directly managed and stored briefly and in detail on the inside Microsoft Office. It’s also not surprising that so many people use it to the point that a student also uses this service to meet their needs.

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