Basic Components of a Computer Network (Full Explanation!)

Network Basic Components
Network Basic Components

Basic Components of a Computer Network – Hi friends, meet us again. How are you friends today? We hope you are always healthy. In this article, we will discuss the basic components that make up a computer network. What is meant by a computer network is a collection of computers, printers, and other devices which are interconnected with each other. You need to know, to build a network, of course there must be components that must be met, both physical and non-physical components.

The physical components of a computer network consist of the computer unit itself, network cards, and network cables used to connect one component to another. Network cables consist of twisted pair, fiber optic, coaxial, connectors, hubs, crimping pliers, bridges and switches, and routers. While the non-physical components consist of a computer operating system and network protocols.

All of these components have their respective duties and functions. The main function of these basic components is to transmit information or exchange information either via cable or not.

Physical Components of Computer Networks

Physical components
Physical components
  1. Network Card / LAN Card : This component is installed on the computer device onboard
  2. Network Cable: This component has a function to connect one component to another component. Or in short, we can call it a connecting component. The types of network cables are twisted pair cable, coaxial cable and fiber optic cable.
  3. Connector : connector is a means of connecting between the existing LAN Card on the CPU of our computer with a cable. Generally, the type of connector is adjusted to the type of cable used so that it can run or function.
  4. Crispy Pliers: serves to clamp the cable with the connector so that it is not easily separated during the installation process.
  5. HUB : is a network component that has ports. This component is used to unify the network cable from each workstation, server and other devices.

Non physical

non-physical components
non-physical components
  1. Computer Operating System: There are many types of operating systems on computers, you can see on this article page.
  2. Network Protocol: As the name implies, a protocol is a set of rules used in a network. The purpose of this protocol is for network member computers and computers with different platforms to communicate with each other.

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