Apk Seeds (Investment In This Apk, Is……)

what is a seed
what is a seed

Seed Apk – Bibit is a mutual fund application that serves to help novice investors start investing. Anyone can directly invest optimally according to the level and risk that you can afford. No need for experience. Without having to be confused – confused what to do. Users just accept it’s okay.

Apk Seeds

what is a seed
what is a seed

Mutual funds are an investment package that has been managed by a professional investment manager with experience in the capital market. This package will be filled with several types of investments, for example investments such as stocks, bonds, or the money market. Over time, if the price of the mutual fund you buy becomes a rising price, then you can benefit from this price increase when you sell it. Mutual funds are suitable for beginner investors because there are investment managers whose part is to manage your money professionally. Seeds also only choose investment managers with consistent performance and good reputation prior to the employment relationship. So, we as users just accept it’s okay and just use it very young.

Advantages of Investing in Seeds:

  1. Investments That Are Deliberately Designed Specifically for Beginner Investors
    Seed uses useful technology to study your profile. Our technology will dynamically adjust your investment based on the age you have set, your income and your tolerance for future risks.
  2. Without the Need to Choose Your Own Mutual Fund. Simple
    Seeds can help analyze and have strict criteria in selecting mutual funds with good enough quality and low enough costs so that you can invest calmly and sans.
  3. Free Transaction Fee
    All mutual fund transactions at Bibit will not be charged with buying and selling transaction fees.

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