XAMPP Features and Functions (Interesting Features)

what is xampp
what is xampp

XAMPP Features and Functions – XAMPP is a development of LAMP (Linux Apache, MySQL, PHP and PERL), XAMPP is a non-profit project developed by Apache Friends which was founded by Kai ‘Oswalad’ Seidler and Kay Vogelgesang in 2002. to promote the use of the Apache web server.


Features of XAMPP

There are several features of XAMPP, including:

1. Apache

Apache is an open source software that is an alternative to the Netscape web server. Servers Apache HTTP or Apache Web/WWW Server is a web server that can run on many operating systems that are used to serve and function a website. Apache is developed by an open community of developers under the auspices of Apache Software Foundation.

2. MySQL

MySQL stands for “My Structured Query Language”This program runs as a server that provides multi-user access to a number of databases. This feature is generally used free software that requires a full featured management system. On a database, such as WordPress, php BB and also other software built on software LAMP.

3. PHP

PHP is a programming language that uses scripts that are widely used to program a dynamic website, although it is possible to use it for other uses. Well-known examples of PHP applications are php BB and MediaWiki (the software behind the Wikipedia site).

Functions of XAMPP

The XAMPP program or application functions as a local server that is used for various types of data on websites that are currently in the development process. XAMPP is widely used by students and students to see the results of website design. Before finally being made into an online website using web hosting which is usually sold in the market. Because in practice, XAMPP can be used to test feature performance or display content on the website to others without being connected to the internet, simply by accessing it through the XAMPP control panel, or what can be called an offline website. XAMPP works offline like a regular web hosting but cannot be accessed by many people.

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