What is Microsoft 365? (Here’s the explanation…)

microsoft logo 365
microsoft logo 365

What is Microsoft 365? Microsoft 365 is a subscription service product offered directly by Microsoft as part of this Microsoft Office product line. Released on June 28, 2011. They are also still using the C++ programming language and will also use the Windows, macOS, Android and iOS operating systems.

Microsoft also added per-user licenses for Office 2010 Professional Plus software as well as full phone support. After the launch of the service, Business Productivity Online Suite customers are given 12 months to plan as well as to perform their migration from BPOS to the Office 365 platform.

Features in Microsoft 365

  1. Data Storage, Included in packages that can allow users to store up to 1 TB of data more securely.
  2. License, It is not uncommon to be an easy problem to make business owners feel a headache due to licensing various software.
  3. Qualified Email Facility, It seems that it is no longer a secret if Microsoft Outlook became one of the very popular email clients.
  4. Delve, is a feature that can be used to manage profiles on Microsoft Office.
  5. OneDrive, Provides convenience for the user to switch or exchange accounts.
  6. Outlook, if you use this feature, you can easily save OneDrive or Sharepoint files.
  7. Microsoft Editor, Can help you choose other words instead of words that you use often.
  8. Microsoft Forms, you can create quizzes, surveys or questionnaires that are faster and very easy to use.

    microsoft 365
    microsoft 365

Benefit Microsoft 365

  • The best tool for Professionals, Helpful to be able to use and feel the way the various facilities offered.
  • The right solution to increase teamwork, because every user can access the Sharepoint application easily.
  • Ease of use, you can access it anywhere and you will get the benefits of ease of use.

You don’t need to worry or hesitate if you use Microsoft 365 because the more convenience you get from a service or software. Well, that’s a brief explanation of What is Microsoft 365?. If you find a sentence that you don’t understand, you can fill in the comments column that we have presented for you.

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