Types of Operating Systems ( Advantages And Disadvantages !)

Computer operating system
Computer operating system

Types of Operating Systems – Hi friends, meet us again, how are you today? always good. In this article, we will discuss the types of operating systems that run on everyday technology devices. The operating systems that we often encounter and are popular in today’s society are Windows and MacOS. But actually there are many other operating systems that you can use.

Before discussing about the types, it would be better if we know about what an operating system is. The operating system is a program that functions to control or manage both the hardware and software of a device. Basically, all electronic devices such as smartphones, computers and others require an operating system to be used. Well, after knowing what an operating system is, let’s identify the types!

Operating System Type

  1. Linux


    This operating system is an operating system that is quite popular and is widely used after the Windows and MacOS operating systems. The Linux operating system was first introduced in 1991. In fact, Linux is a programmer’s favorite operating system. This operating system can grow rapidly because the system is open source.

  2. MS DOS

    ms dos
    ms dos

    The MS DOS operating system has been around for a long time, and was most widely used in the 1980s. The advantage of using this system is its small size so it does not require too large a storage capacity. The downside is that the way this operating system works is to run commands in text form from the user. This makes users have to remember various command formats which are certainly less efficient.

  3. Unix

    is an operating system that has been around for a long time. Generally, this operating system is used by a mini computer that acts as a network server. The advantage of unix is ​​that it can be used by more than one user at the same time (multiuser). The drawback is that unix does not have an attractive appearance and graphics.

  4. Chrome OS

    This operating system was released in 2011. Chrome OS is an operating system developed by Google. The advantage of the chrome OS operating system is that it looks minimalist. But please note that chrome OS can only be run on certain devices.

  5. Windows

    windows operating system
    windows operating system

    Windows is the most widely used and popular operating system. The Windows operating system was first introduced by Microsoft Inc. in 1985. Over time, Windows continues to develop both in terms of quality, function and appearance.

  6. MacOS

    macOS operating system is the most popular operating system after windows. MacOS was developed by Apple. This operating system has a simple, easy to understand and elegant appearance. The MacOS operating system offers a lot of sophistication in it.

  7. Android

    This operating system is generally used on smartphones, but it turns out that the Android operating system can be used on tablet devices and computers. The advantage of the Android operating system is that it is an open source system.

Well, that’s all the information that we can present about the types of operating systems that exist on computer devices, hopefully the information we convey is useful. See you in the next article~