What Does the 404 Error Mean? (Explanation and Causes)

404 error
404 error

What Does the 404 Error Mean? Have you ever encountered the words 404 error not found when you access a website?. This is a natural thing, because in this world of technology everything that runs is not as simple as what is seen and known and of course there are many errors that occur in it. In the world of technology, especially the internet, the term 404 Error not found means that a website cannot be opened or accessed.

Error 404 not Found is usually caused by expired or rotting links. This can happen when we open a website and then leave it without doing any activity for a long time. But why is it defined as error with code 404, what does it mean?

Meaning of Error 404 Not Found

404 error display
404 error display

Here we will discuss them one by one. 404 consists of two mixed numbers which are codes to define an error. The combination is Numbers 4 and 04, Number 4 in front refers to errors from users or users such as incorrectly entering links, typos and others. While the next number 04 defines the syntax error. However, please note that the 404 error was caused by several reasons or conditions.

Causes of Error 404 Not Found

We often encounter this one error, the causes are indeed very diverse and of course it can appear on all platforms. This time we will discuss some of the reasons that might be the cause.

  1. Incorrectly Entered Link, To access a website, of course, we need a domain or address. This address will take us to a website. When we type a domain or link incorrectly, what will appear is a 404 error.
  2. cache errors, The next cause of 404 errors is cache. Cache is something that is used to quickly display web pages. There are times when the browser you are using does the caching process on a website that is being accessed even though the website displays a notification that the website was not found. Well because of this Error 404 appears.
  3. Domain Settings, the next cause is the problem domain. when a domain has not propagated to DNS then a 404 error will appear.
  4. compatibility, This one cause is usually found on websites that use wordpress. Under certain conditions, problems with themes and plugins can affect wordpress when creating permalinks. This causes the generated url to not work.

So much information that we can provide regarding Error 404 not found, hopefully the information we provide is useful, see you in the next article~