What are the latest features in the Maxim App? (Use Maxim Easier!!)

Maxim App
Maxim App

What are the latest features in the Maxim App? – When it comes to online motorcycle taxis, many people are quite familiar with GRAB and GoJek. But, do you know the Maxim application? Unlike its green competitor, Maxim has a striking yellow identical color to its helmet and jacket.

In addition, the rates charged are also lower. Maxim only pegged at 3,000 rupiah per kilo. Maxim application is a taxi service company already based in Russia. Maxim has been operating in 2003 and has been claimed to be easily and safely accessed. In this article I will tell you some of the features that are in Maxim.

5 Features of Maxim Online Transportation Service:

1. Bike (Motorcycle)

Bike is the first category that has been introduced by online transportation maxim, in this bike category there is a single service, namely: Bike which means transportation that uses two wheels or commonly called a motorbike.

2. Delivery

This category is the second maxim category in which there are 2 services, namely Food & Shop, Food&Shop is a service to buy food or other goods that can be ordered using the driver’s money in advance and after the goods arrive, the money is replaced by the customer. Delivery is a service with a courier who is only in charge of delivering packages or goods.

3. Life

Life is the third category in the maxim application, this category contains services which include: Cleaning and Laundry. So in the maxim category that meets daily needs for users who want to clean the house, want a massage and also want to wash clothes without being complicated, this can be done by ordering in this application.

4. Car

In the fourth category, this time maxim provides mobile online transportation, and also Maxim car services at maxim which are available in three types, namely: maxim Ordinary Car, Maxim Car L and also Maxim Rentar Car.

5. Cargo (Delivery of cargo)

The next category is Cargo, here maxim provides services Cmeter or you could say between goods with a large capacity, if you need a vehicle to lift goods, you can order maxim cargo, and also the need for moving houses etc.

That’s my explanation this time, see you in the next article.