Features in Adobe Photoshop (This is the Featured Feature!)

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop

Features in Adobe Photoshop – Hi friends, meet again in this article. How are you guys? hopefully always healthy. At this meeting we will discuss the Adobe Photoshop photo editor application on its features. Before that, we will briefly discuss what the Adobe Photoshop application looks like? Judging from the name, of course this application is a photo editor application. Adobe Photoshop is a photo editor application that can be used to change the composition of photos and create and edit graphic designs. Well, without further ado, let’s talk about the features provided.

What are the features of Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop Features
Adobe Photoshop Features

This product application from adobe has been widely used and of course it is familiar with editors in their field. Not a few professional editors use this application as their default editor application, this is because this application provides many features which will be reviewed in the following explanation:

  1. select and mask, The select and mask feature is arguably quite important because it will make the photo seem more professional by eliminating distracting objects in the photo. You can change the photo background by using this feature.
  2. fonts, Adobe Photoshop is an application developed by Adobe. Meanwhile, Adobe itself also has many other applications that allow them to be integrated with each other. For example, like this application, Adobe Photoshop is integrated with Adobe Fonts, you can imagine that in it you will find many interesting fonts.
  3. Match Fonts, as the name implies, this feature allows you to search for the same font, or font name with an example whose font name you don’t know. This is likely to happen when you are working on a project, usually the client will give directions for the font model they want but not in detail.
  4. Fills, This feature is actually already everywhere, including the default editor application. But still, with this feature it will make it easier for you to color a layer quickly.
  5. layers, the use of the layer feature will greatly simplify your work. Your work or project becomes more organized and neat according to the grouping of objects you want. This will make it easier when there are errors in certain parts. With the use of this feature, you only need to delete one layer without deleting all objects.

So much information that we can convey about the features that exist in Adobe Photoshop, hopefully the information we convey is useful, thank you. See you in the next article~