What is Tokopedia?

What is Tokopedia? Tokopedia is an application for online shopping that you can download for free on your respective smartphones. And was founded in early 2009 to be exact on August 17, 2009. Tokopedia has transformed into a unicorn that affects only Indonesia but also Southeast Asia.

CEO of Tokopedia namely William Tanuwijaya. Tokopedia also supports the perpetrators of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises or what we can usually call (MSMEs). And individuals to develop their businesses by marketing their products online with the Government and other parties. From that people can be embarrassing buying and selling online.

Features on Tokopedia

  1. Sort / Sort, you can use to sort products based on the lowest price to the highest.
  2. Filter, Buyers can choose the location of the nearest seller so that the shipping costs are cheaper than locations that are farther away.
  3. Homepage Banner, in order to make it easier for you when shopping and be more efficient and periodically check the HomePage at the very top of the platform.
  4. Tokopedia Play, Users can enjoy the experience when shopping directly or live shopping and can also entertain through Tokopedia Play.
  5. TokoMember, is a loyalty program Tokopedia which allows users to get various added values ​​offered by various Official Store partners in the application Tokopedia.


Tokopedia is an Indonesian technology company whose mission is to achieve economic equality digitally. Tokopedia’s vision is to build a Super Ecosystem where anyone can start and discover anything. Currently, Tokopedia It also empowers millions of sellers and users through marketplaces and digital products, fintech and payments, logistics and fulfillment, as well as Tokopedia Partners.

Tokopedia You can compare this with other e-commerce, there is a pre-order feature with a delivery time of one month and you can use it if you want to order goods or something like that but don’t have the goods yet. Tokopedia This is also very interesting if you use it.

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