What is Software and Types? ( Come on, Learn!! )


What is Software and Types? – Have you ever heard the term software or often called computer software? Of course you are already familiar when you hear the term. Moreover, if the work you do is closely related to the computer. Of course you already know about the software. Currently, there are many types of software that you can make an option. You can use various types of these devices for a purpose.

Software engineering
Software engineering

Understanding of Software

Software is data that is programmed, and digitally formatted with certain functions. The software itself does not have a physical form, you can operate it through a computer device. For its manufacture, this device requires several programming languages ​​written by a programmer/programmer. Furthermore, the device will be compiled using a compiler application so that it can be a code that can be recognized by the hardware / hardware machine. What is meant by hardware is a personal computer.

Then the software on the hardware is the life of the computer itself. That way, without installing the operating system your computer cannot run. The reason is, with the software that becomes a program command to run a need on the computer.

Software function

Actually, from the definition of software that has been explained, you can already find out what are the functions of the software on the operating system on the computer. However, to be clearer you can listen to some of the functions of the software below:

  1. Software serves as a basic computer needs so that when it is operated it runs well.
  2. Has a function to manage the existing hardware on the computer. That way, the computer that will be used can work properly according to what work is needed.
  3. Software is also used as a liaison between several other software and computer hardware.
  4. Software also functions as a translator/command on other software in machine language. That way, the hardware on the computer can understand and accept it well.
  5. In addition, you can use this computer software to identify a program on your computer.