What is Reddit? (Listen friends… )

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What is Reddit? – Reddit is an entertainment and news website where registered visitors can contribute by posting links and texts. Founded on June 23, 2005, In Medford, Massachusetts, USA. CEO of Reddit this is Steve Huffman.

And is headquartered in San Francisco, California, America. Application Reddit It is already available on Android and iOS gadgets. Very light when used and also free when downloaded. Reddit argues that in 2019 there are around 430 million users per month who can be called redditors. Site content will also be categorized as communities called seubreddits with more than 138,000 active communities.

Features On Reddit

  1. Reddit Premium, which can be called a premium membership that allows users to view the ad-free site.
  2. Individual Chat Rooms, Reddit can also develop chat software on time for this site.
  3. tipping, Reddit It’s also testing this new feature so that users can tip others.

In 2010, Reddit also released a mobile web interface with the aim of making it easier for users to read and navigate websites on their touchscreen devices. For the past few years redditor rely on third-party apps to allow users to access Reddit on mobile devices.


Reddit also released a Spoiler Tag feature in January 2017. This feature is useful for alerting users to potential spoilers in posts and pixel preview images. Reddit released a change to the public front page that could be called Popular in 2017. This change leaves the Reddit front page free of content that would be potentially adult-oriented for users who are not already registered.

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