What are the types of software in the world?


What are the types of software in the world? – Every day we will find various software on computers that help us to perform tasks and increase our efficiency. From MS windows which greets us when we turn on the system on the browser we use to surf the internet. Or Games that we will play on the computer to the calculation of calorie burning on our smartphones are all examples of software. In the field of software engineering and computer science, software is nothing but information that can be processed by systems and programs on computers. This software includes libraries, as well as associated non-execution data, for example such as digital media and documentation on line. Hardware and software computers both need each other and neither can be used conclusively.

Today there is a huge variety of sophisticated and accessible technologies and software available to us that describe the way we live our ever-changing and improving lives. The endless number and types of software can overwhelm a lot of people, especially if one cannot fully understand the type of software and how it is used.

Types of Software

1. System Software

This system software helps users and hardware to interact with each other. And basically, this software is used to manage the behavior of the hardware on the computer so that it can provide the basic functionality that users really need. The following are some examples of common system software:

  • Operating system: This is the most prominent example of System Software. This collection of software handles resources and also provides common services to other applications that will run them.
  • Device Drivers: this type of software that controls certain hardware that is already attached to the system.
  • Firmware: Firmware is a permanent software that has been embedded in memory. And a set of instructions stored permanently on the hardware.

2. Application Software

Application Software, also very well known as end user programs or highly productivity programs. Is software that helps users in completing tasks such as doing research online. Take notes online, set an alarm, design a graphic, or even play a game. Here are some examples:

  • Word Processors
  • A Database Software
  • Multimedia Software

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