What is V-Ray?

What is V-Ray? V-Ray is a computer-generated image rendering software application and has been developed by the Bulgarian software company Chaos. Rendering is the final process of your 3D image which will convert the standard graphic visual image to a realistic graphic visual image. So for that, the rendering process is mostly done in the field of architectural image processing and animation.

Thus, it takes a fairly detailed rendering process and a long rendering process if the 3D image created is too complex or complete. The Vray function in the Interior in 3D image processing application programs in interior design, namely, Autocad, Sketchup, Archicad, and many more. Vray has also been integrated by many 3D application programs. Like 3Ds MAX with Mental Ray, for 3D application programs like Sketchup, you have to install it manually.


Features On V-Ray

  1. Get support from all architectures through the support of various sophisticated and modern tools.
  2. Able to design or can produce better 3Dimentional models.
  3. Has a variety of supporting tools that maximize results in modeling.
  4. Has a layout with 2D and 3D sizes that can be classified as very complete and good.
  5. And there is also making a model using a more real image of a building or architecture.
  6. Very friendly user interface and light weight compared to other CAD products.

App Presence V-Ray This also allows you to create 3D modeling images easily and very quickly. And also this application is very light if installed on a laptop or computer that still has low specifications it will be very easy. If you want to download the application, you can for free.

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