What is Lumion?

What is Lumion?Lumion is a visualization software for architects. What you might be able to use your CAD CAD designs to use quickly and will be videos, drawings and online presentations. You can also add a little bit of life to your designs to make them more beautiful and add interesting effects.

It turns out Lumion it already has the latest version after covering the world of design and rendering. In fact Lumion this is almost the same as V-Ray only the difference is the features.

Features of Lumion

  1. High quality preview.
  2. Fine-detail Nature (pro version only).
  3. Displacement Mapping (3D Textures from Material Lumion).
  4. Real Sky at Night (pro version only).
  5. Paint Placement (Placement on natural objects with paint mode).
  6. Bug Fixes and much more.
  7. And many more.

In 1998 in the city of Leiden, the Netherlands, two young Dutch computer programmers with a keen interest in 3D computer graphics took the first steps to create a software company. Act-3D BV is coming soon. A major development during this time is their cutting-edge 3D engine, Quest 3D, which will find its way into a wide variety of applications. From boat simulations to training tools to TV and movies, to name a few.


It’s also the fastest way to take your 3D model and create a scene in minutes. Lumion nor is it only a program that is only devoted to animation. But it can also produce 2D rendering in just a few seconds which you might try.

Advantages of Lumion

  • Produces very fast results.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Very large objects and complete libraries.

Lack of Lumion

  • The user is very easy.
  • In a very attractive interface.
  • Very light and does not require a high spec computer.

Well, that’s all a brief explanation about What is Lumion?. If you find sentences that are not understandable or mistyped greetings, please forgive. And if you want to add a comment, it’s in the column below itself.

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