What is Grav (CMS) ? (Learn Yuk!!!)


What is Grav (CMS) ? – Many say Grav CMS is a killer for WordPress CMS which has become a CMS with the most users today. Grav and WordPress are both Open-Source, so you don’t have to spend money to manage a website. Both are made using the PHP programming language.

Then, What is Grav?


Grav is a flat CMS built using an open-source system, it is faster and also very flexible. Grav is also created without using the MySql database, carrying on the flat file technology. This is a differentiator with WordPress, Grav does not use a database. While WordPress still uses a database. The advantages of Grav can be faster and also simpler systems architecture.

Definition of Flat CMS

Flat CMS is a type of CMS that does not use a database to store files, but uses a separate file. In contrast to using WordPress, which still uses a MySQL database. The problem will arise if a website with WordPress is accessed by many people which will cause requests to the database to be quite high. This can make the website require more server resources and if the resources are exhausted, the website can slow down. Well, herein lies the advantage of Flat CMS, because it does not use a database, so the resources used can be more efficient and also efficient.

Alternative but Grav

Grav as I explained above is one of the most popular Flat CMS with the most complete features compared to others. Then what are the alternatives to other Flat CMS besides Grav that are interesting and worth trying?

1. GetSimple

GetSimple is the first recommendation for a Flat CMS, the advantages are quite light and focus on speed. This Flat CMS is better than the others, even though it looks less attractive because it doesn’t use responsive HTML 5 yet.

2. BatFlat

Flat CMS themed batman, flat CMS also comes from Poland which is claimed to be simpler, lighter and faster. You can use Batflat to create a portfolio website, blog or other type of website. There is also an admin panel that makes it easy for users, the display is quite simple but reliable, because of the features it has like WordPress.

3. Pico

Pico is almost the same as GetSimple, this CMS focuses more on speed issues contained in a website but lacks in features.

4. Bolt

Bolt is a flat CMS that has been around for a long time, recorded since October 2, 2012. This flat has a fairly active community, namely GitHub and continues to update regularly until now.

Above is the explanation of my article this time about GRAV CMS.