What is Ghost CMS? (Let’s Learn Together)


What is Ghost CMS? – When it comes to blogging platforms, a WordPress name will definitely be mentioned first. Though Ghost is a platform that is no less sophisticated to create an interesting blog. In fact, not many people know about this Content Management System (CMS), although only a few big names like Mozilla who have used it.

In fact, there are also those who think CMS Ghost is a platform that is quite difficult to install. Actually not so, as long as the steps are done correctly, Ghost installation can be done quickly. In this article, I will discuss about Ghost CMS.

Ghost CMS
Ghost CMS

What is Ghost CMS?

Ghost is an open-source CMS that has been specifically designed for content publishing or blogging. If you want to create a blog that can be managed fairly easily, this CMS is worth a try. CMS Ghost is a user-friendly platform. This is because the interface and features are made as simple as possible by reducing unnecessary things, such as a plugin. Ghost itself was developed by John O’Nolan in 2013 because, seeing that a popular CMS like WordPress has a lot of features that are quite burdensome for just making blogging.

Ghost is built using the platform Node.js based on programming language JavaScript. The reason, because Node.js considered superior in speed, flexibility, and performance. Until now, CMS Ghost has been installed more than 3 million times with more than 10,000 active users. Some of the big companies that are already using Ghost CMS are Buffer, Mozilla, Cloudflare, Clubhouse, and many more.

Features in Ghost

1. Advanced Creator Tools

Advanced Creator Tools is a set of editor features that are used to make it easier for you to publish content.

2. Native Analytics

Native Analytics is useful for making it easier for you to analyze content performance and measure the level of audience engagement.

3. Subscription Commerce

Through features Subscription Commerce, you can do to earn money. You can provide premium content that can only be accessed by users who pay a subscription fee.

4. Ghost Integrations

CMS Ghost does not have a plugin to add special functionality. However, you can take advantage of the integration feature to easily connect Ghost with a third-party service.

So, this time, hopefully you can understand what is in the article above. Thank you :)!