Services on Gojek (It turns out that there are many features!)

Go ride
Go ride

Services – Services On Gojek – As we all know, Gojek is an application that provides transportation services. At the beginning of the Gojek pioneering, this application only provided three services, namely go-ride, go-car and go-food. But over time, Gojek added many other types of services. This certainly makes it easier for users. In addition, with the increase in services, Gojek can compete with applications such as Gojek, Shopee, Dana and other multifunctional applications. In this article, we will discuss the types of services that are available and provided by Gojek.

What are the services on Gojek?

gojek service
gojek service
  1. Go-ride Service, As the name implies, Go-Ride is a transportation service provided by Gojek using a motorbike. The way this service works is that the driver picks up the customer at the pick-up point and drops him off at the destination that has been arranged in the order. This service provides convenience and speed of transportation. In addition to speed, Gojek also prioritizes customer comfort and safety.
  2. go-car service, This service works the same way as go-ride, which is a transportation service, but the difference is in the vehicle used. This service uses a car to drop off customers. Go-cars are suitable for those of you who travel more than one person. Just like the previous service, go-car also prioritizes customer comfort and safety, of course following health protocols during this pandemic.
  3. Go-food service

    Of course, we are already familiar with this one service. This service is considered very easy for the community in purchasing food and drinks, especially for the mager. We often meet in our environment who have used this go-food service. The advantage of using this service is that we don’t have to be tired of queuing, but it also has a replacement, namely the postage fee.

  4. Go-send service

    How go-send works is by delivering goods from the pick-up point to the destination. The driver will pick up the goods sent at the pick-up point then drop them off at their destination. The fee that needs to be paid depends on how far the distance from the pick-up location to the delivery location.

  5. go-mart service, is a service for shopping for goods and daily food. Namely in the form of foods such as noodles, snacks and instant drinks. In addition to food, Gomart also provides other items such as soap, shampoo and others.
  6. Go-pulse Service, Now you can top up your credit via gojek! With this service, you can not only top up credit and quota, but also pay electricity bills, taxes, insurance, education fees, internet, PDAM and various other transaction services.
  7. gotix service, Through Gojek you can also order various tickets, ranging from cinema tickets, concert tickets and various other online or offline events. How? quite easy isn’t it!

Well, that’s all the information we can provide about the services available on Gojek, hopefully the information we provide is useful, thank you.