PowerPoint’s Ribbons Section (Let’s Get to Know the Parts

powerpoint ribbons
powerpoint ribbons

PowerPoint’s Ribbons Section – Hi friends, how are you today? hopefully always healthy. In this article we will discuss about the features that exist in powerpoint. Because not a few are still not aware of the overall features that exist in Microsoft PowerPoint. And also when we understand about its features, it will be easier for us to make PowerPoint that is more interesting and varied. Let’s get to know its features!

PowerPoint’s Ribbons Section

part on ms power point
part on ms power point

In this article we will discuss the parts of Microsoft Power Point that are in the Ribbon section

  • File

    In this section there are menus home, new, open, info, save, save as, print, share, export, close, account, feedback and options. Home menu serves to go to the main page, new serves to create a new project, open to open files from the file manager.

  • Home

    In this section there is a paste option that is used to put an image or text that we have copied. Newslide menu serves to create a new slide or page in a project. Then there is a layout menu that serves to adjust the layout or how the page layout is desired.

  • inserts,

    This section is used to insert various media into the project. As for what can be inserted are tables, pictures, illustrations (in the form of objects/shapes, icons, 3d models, graphic smart art, and diagram charts). In addition, MS Power Point also provides tools that can be directly used to insert links, comments, text, symbols and other media.

  • design,

    Contains the project design page. On this page, MS Word provides various templates that can be varied and customized.

  • transition,

    On this page there are transition effects tools that serve to add transition effects to the next page. On this page we can customize the addition of music to the transition as well as the delay and duration of the transition.

  • animation,

    On this page there are animation tools that are used to give effects to an object and various media in the project. Like transition effects, in animation we can also customize the delay and duration of the animation effects that we apply.

  • Slide

    This page is usually used when we will present a project. When you click from beginning, it will automatically open the first page of your project.

  • Review

    Serves to review presentation slides before being saved and presented by the user.

  • views, Ribbon tab view serves to organize and customize the appearance of the presentation slide page. On the ribbon tab view, it contains 5 tools, namely: Presentation Views, Master Views, Show, Zoom, Color/Grayscale.

That’s all the information that we can present about the sections on the ribbons on Microsoft PowerPoint, hopefully the information we provide is useful, thank you.