What is SharePoint?

What is SharePoint? SharePoint is a web-based document management system platform that was created by Microsoft Corporation. SharePoint also used to run websites consisting of workspaces and the documents they share together.

In addition, this application is devoted to Wikis and Blogs. Released in 2001 and still uses the Sharp C programming language. SharePoint not intended to replace the file server as a whole because indeed in SharePoint there is a file size limit of only 2 gigabytes just. Function of SharePoint built from several web parts, one of which is like a to-do list (task list) or discussion panels (discussion pane).

SharePoint Features

  1. Siteyou can be helped to separate unrelated files.
  2. WritingAbility to co-write.
  3. Check-in and Checkoutcan be edited simultaneously until the user also rechecks and revises it.
  4. VersioningCan track major minor changes to a document.
  5. Audit LogsCan monitor the actions that users take on the system and through the system.
  6. Synchronization FileYou can sync between local hard drives and cloud drives.
  7. Arrangement User PermissionCan prevent unauthorized users from deleting, editing or even viewing our documents.
  8. Team Policy, SharePoint goes a step further than user permissions with its ability for you to set your own document policies.


This best Document Management software can help you organize a digital document and digitize your paper notes quickly and easily. There are indeed many choices on the market but from the dozens of software we found. Microsoft SharePoint It’s also the best thing for many types of businesses.

It turns out SharePoint it was last released in 2013. Used to build highly sophisticated workflow-enabled solutions. It is also used to edit external content types for external data solutions based on business connectivity services.

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