What is OneDrive? (Listen to the following… )

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What is OneDrive? OneDrive is a cloud computing service similar to Dropbox and Google Drive that can allow users to upload. And sync files on a cloud storage and can then be accessed via a Web browser or with certain devices. Released early on August 1, 2017 to be exact 15 years ago.

Service OneDrive This makes it very easy for you to securely store documents from one place and then access them from virtually anywhere. If you want to use this service you can use it for free or you may want to try the paid one too and it also includes all the features in it.

Features of OneDrive

  1. Files on demand, Functions for those of you who usually access all documents in OneDrive from Windows 10 you can use this so it’s not a hassle.
  2. Document scanning, To make it easier for you to scan important documents that will be produced will be good.
  3. Personal vault, This one is a feature that can protect your documents very, very well or extra protection.

However, if you use other services, that’s fine, but what is highly recommended is OneDrive this. So that all the data you enter or save important documents will not be lost. You can also see with whom OneDrive for work, school, Teams anywhere files and folders are shared anytime.


But it is very unfortunate when you want to register there is no sign in. This storage service or what we can call OneDrive already in progress when the user or you turn on the computer. If you use OneDrive This is very safe when moving a file into it. And very free when you access.

Free storage on OneDrive of 5 Gb when you register on your account. Well, that’s a brief explanation about What is OneDrive?. If you find a sentence that you may not understand, please forgive me. And if you want to add comments, you can add them in the column provided below.

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