What is Carding? (Definition, and Forms of Action)


What is Carding? – With the development of technology in today’s era, there are also many good and bad effects. The good impact is that there are many conveniences that can be obtained, many activities that can be done at the same time, and much more. The bad impact is that there are many digital-based criminal acts.

There are many forms of digital-based crime, such as cyber crime. There are many other examples of criminal acts, which certainly have a large loss effect according to the level of crime. Another example is Carding. What is carding? What is the type of case? For more details, we will discuss the following.

What is Carding?

what is card
what is card

Carding is one form and example of digital-based crime (Cybercrime) related to the banking world, namely credit cards. The crime form of carding is the theft of credit card numbers from various legal sites or spammers. A person who commits the crime of carding is called a carder. A carder uses the proceeds of the theft to purchase prepaid gift cards.

The Gift Card will then be resold for the purpose of earning money. If the analogy is in the real world, then the crime of carding is a case of theft. The difference is, carding has a higher level of difficulty in finding or identifying the criminal.

Then how do the carders get the credit number? A carder obtains the data from unsafe websites by stealing or buying the data. In addition, a carder can obtain this data from identity theft schemes.

Types of Crime Carding

  1. Misuse of Card Data, that is, misusing the card without the card owner being aware of it. Generally, the perpetrator uses the card carefully. This is so that the owner does not realize that his credit card has been used.
  2. wiretapping, is a form of wiretapping credit card transactions with a communication network connected to the EDC network.
  3. counterfeiting, namely credit card counterfeiting, so that it is similar to the original card. Not only in terms of appearance, but also the advanced features in it.
  4. phishing, This case is often and has happened in Indonesia. Usually the carder sends a virus to the pc system and provides a fake web url with the aim of making the victim fill in personal data.

So much information that we can convey about Carding along with examples of crimes, hopefully the information we provide is useful, thank you.