What is CAPTCHA?

title captcha
title captcha

What’s that CAPTCHA ? – When you visit a website, have you ever been asked to fill in a series of letters, numbers or an image first? If yes then it is called CAPTCHA, you may be bothered by it. But make no mistake because it turns out that filling in letters, numbers, and pictures is very useful for the good of all parties. Without this, the website you are visiting will not experience interference.


What CAPTCHA that ?

Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart mis an abbreviation of CAPTCHA . CAPTCHA is a feature that can provide a layer of security on a website to ensure that website is accessed by humans not by robots. This feature is an automatic process that is carried out to ensure that visitors website.

Usually the form of CAPTCHA are letters, numbers and pictures. With you using CAPTCHA then a website can avoid spambecause there is a sending robot spam who can not read the arrangement of letters, numbers, and also pictures CAPTCHA. Thus, when a robot spam failed to read CAPTCHA then robot spam will not be able to access the page website.

Some Functions Of CAPTCHA

  1. Prevent spam on the website, this function is to prevent spam comments that enter the website.
  2. Preventing fake account registrations, CAPTCHA can prevent fake account registrations on the website.
  3. Securing an online transaction on the website. If you manage an online store website. Then CAPTCHA can help you to secure transactions on your website.
  4. Prevent dictinary attacks or break-ins on the website.
  5. Will Protect email addresses from scrapers or a bot that can intercept someone’s email address.
  6. Prevents search engine bots that sometimes suddenly appear to read a web page.

That’s my explanation about CAPTCHA along with their functions. And it turns out CAPTCHA has a very important function also for security website We.