What are Plugins?

What are Plugins? – Have you heard of this term plugin? Or does this term not sound familiar to your ears? If you don’t know about plugins and want to know about it then you are on the right article page. In this discussion, we will present information related to plugins, starting from the meaning, functions, types, and other additional information.

For someone who has been diving in the IT world for a long time, especially web developers, of course the term plugin is a familiar and familiar term. Because plugins are an important part of building and managing websites to be more effective and efficient. How big is the influence of the plugin on the website?, and what is the meaning of the plugin itself?.

What are Plugins?


Plugin is a software code that provides certain functions and allows an application system to run additional features on the system. The functions and features added are certainly not always the same, plugins have many types, of course, each type has a different function.

When we are going to install a plugin on our application program or website, the first step is to identify the types of plugins. Why is that? this is of course so that we can find out what type of plugin we need and which is in accordance with the type of application program or our web. Recognizing the types of plugins is very important, because with the right plugin, it will provide a lot of convenience and increase the effectiveness of the programs that we make.

Plugin Types

  1. WordPress Plugins, WordPress is a content management system that provides many plugins in it. Plugins in wordpress are very easy for someone who is not quite a coding expert. Because to use a wordpress plugin we just need to install and activate it.
  2. SEO Plugins, This plugin serves to place the website’s position on the top page of the browser. It doesn’t really have a big effect, but this plugin increases the potential of the website to be in the top position.
  3. Security Plugins, This type of plugin serves to protect the website from various attacks or criminal acts that can come at any time.
  4. Back-Up Plugins, This type of plugin serves to restore deleted or error website data. This can be an anticipation if at any time we accidentally delete website data.
  5. Anti Spam Plugins, This plugin is used to anticipate that blogs from our website will avoid annoying comments.
  6. Website Speed ​​Plugin, This plugin serves to increase the speed of the website. Because website speed is an important element to pay attention to so that our website visitors are comfortable with us accessing it.

So first the information that we can provide about the plugin, hopefully this information can be useful, thank you.

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