What is Moodle? (Online Learning)

What is Moodle
What is Moodle

What is Moodle? – During the pandemic period in late 2019-2021, at that time the use of online learning applications was widely used at various levels of education. Thus, many people develop an online-based learning platform to support the needs in the field of education. Moodle is a platform that can be used by users to create and develop electronic-based learning tools.e-learning).

Then, What is Moodle?

moodle dashboard page
moodle dashboard page

Moodle which stands for (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a platform that can be used to support online-based learning management systems that use computers. So, if you want to create a learning application like e-learning, then you can use Moodle as an alternative with the best choice.

Moodle is a web-based application (web-based). Where, for each learning activity related to material access, discussion, or question and answer, until evaluation can be done through the website display using the help of a browser application.

Features that already exist in Moodle e-Learning

1. Personalized Dashboard

The first feature is the dashboard from Moodle which looks intuitive and has been integrated quite well. In the home menu, there is already a lot of important information, including special lists, or general announcements, to list active users who are online.

2. Progress Tracking

The second feature serves to monitor and provide an evaluation result for each learning activity that will be carried out. So, it can provide an assessment or a good assessment result based on valid and quality data.

3. File Management

The third feature that can be used to add a new file that has been named according to the subject of each user. Enough to do drag and drop, you can add files automatically. Another option that can be done by adding a result resources from material in other courses, it can be a file, a folder or a URL address.

4. Peer Assessment

This feature is quite unique, where teachers can ask participants to give grades to friends or to other participants. This feature can also be set by the teachers and of course involves the participants to get a satisfactory result.

5. Inline Feedback

With Moodle, teachers don’t have to bother to make corrections and provide feedback feedback on the learning outcomes of students. Because, on this platform, all evaluation results will be directly displayed in the browser. In addition, files in documents uploaded by participants can be directly given additional notes or (highlights).

6. Multimedia Integration

The last feature is, Moodle has also been integrated with various types of media using supported formats. Thus, the experience in participating in all learning activities tends to be very comfortable and will not be boring.

The conclusion is……

Moodle is a platform for creating web-based online learning application systems. For the use of this platform has the following properties: open source and already supports mobile friendly.