What is Krita?

What is Krita? Krita is a free and open source software for raster graphics editors. Which has been specially designed for Drawing, Painting, Animation. Released on June 21, 2005, exactly 17 years ago. And still developed directly by Krita Foundation, KDE.

And they still use C++ and Qt programming languages. The early development of the Krita project can be traced back to 1998 when Matthias Ettrich, founder of KDE Qt GUI hack showing off for GIMP at the Linux Congress. The idea was to build a Qt-based image editor and then move on to KImage which was managed directly by Michael Koch, as part of the KOffice suite.

Krita image
p Krita image

In 1999 Matthias Elter proposed the idea of ​​being able to build software using Corba and ImageMagick. To avoid trademarks that are already on the market. But it’s a shame not many fans are using Krita and the lack of fans.

Features of Krita

  1. UX Design.
  2. Painting Tools.
  3. Animation Tools.
  4. Supported File Formats.

You can also use this for free when you want to edit images. It turns out that here is also not for editing images but can be used to make comics, animations and much more. And also Krita This turns out to be gradually developing so that when it is used it is easier and very easy.

The filter and effect features there are also presented so that when you want to edit easily, you don’t have to look around anymore. Here are also rich in interesting designs that you can try and templates for making comics are also available. Krita this turned out to have just released the latest version. You can download it on chrome for free and it’s very easy.

Krita Foundation was built in 2013 to provide support for the development of Krita. Further collaborated with Intel to create Krita Sketch as a marketing campaign and Krita Studio. With KO GmbH also shares a commercial version to support film and VFX studios.

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