What is GitLab? (Definition, Features, Strengths and Weaknesses)


What is GitLab? – Have you ever heard the term GitLab? Or is this term still foreign to your ears, or could it be that you just know the name? For those of you who are looking for what is GitLab you are in the right article. Because in this discussion we will learn about what is Gitlab, Gitlab functions and the advantages and disadvantages of Gitlab.

Gitlab is a platform for providing remote access to Git repositories. This platform has the job of hosting your code. Not only that, gitlab also provides additional features to make it easier for you to manage the software development cycle. To find out more about Gitlab, then read the information we present below:

What is GitLab?

what is gitlab
what is gitlab

Here we need to understand some related terms in order to understand better. On the internet we often find terms such as Git, GitHub, GitLab, and other terms. Here we will discuss them one by one.

  1. Git is a source code versioning system that tracks changes locally and pushes changes from remote resources.
  2. Gitlab, Github : A service that provides access to git repositories.
  3. GituHub: is a free service available to the public. Its function is to host source code for open source projects.

Gitlab is a service similar to the GitHub service that can be used to manage Git repositories.

Features Provided

  1. Host projects privately for free.
  2. Git repository manager.
  3. Offers private repositories, problem tracking and more.
  4. manage projects as well as provide a user interface with other features of GitLab.

Advantages of using GitLab

  1. This service provides a GitLab Community Edition version that serves to find where their server code is present.
  2. This platform provides public repositories and private non-limits for free.
  3. The Snippet section feature can share a portion of code from a project. This feature is provided so that we don’t have to share the whole project.

Disadvantages of using GitLab

  1. With the process of pushing and pulling the respirator will not be as fast as GitHub.
  2. It takes time to move from one page to another on the GitLab interface page.

So much information that we can provide about Gitlab, hopefully the information we provide is useful, thank you.