What is cPanel? (Come Understand!!!)

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What is cPanel?Managing a web hosting sometimes make us or even web developer feel very troubled. One of the right tools to be able to manage it properly and correctly is cPanel. It is undeniable, some of you must be interested in managing a company hosting and domain by itself. However, when you buy hosting yourself, sometimes you are still confused about what cPanel is and how to operate it.

Well, to overcome your confusion, in this article I will discuss the meaning of cPanel and also the features in it.

cpanel hosting
cpanel hosting

What is cPanel?

To make it easier for you to understand, I will first discuss the meaning of cPanel. Reported by Wpbeginner, cPanel is a control panel that makes it easy for users to manage a website and servers. This control panel allows you to publish a website, manage hosting and domain, create email accounts, and so on. In summary, this cPanel can help you manage web hosting through a simple and easy to understand dashboard. The cPanel platform can be said to be very popular in various circles, so many people have used this control panel to manage a company website.

In fact, there are many companies that already provide services hosting by including cPanel as part of the package hosting to customers. Its popularity certainly makes you obliged to learn to understand the meaning of cPanel. In addition to increasing your knowledge, of course it can support your career, especially for those of you who want to exchange in the field of education web development. To make it easier for you to understand cPanel, here are some things that can be managed through cPanel according to a Themeisle:

  • tobackup files on website
  • install a softwarelike WordPress
  • create and also manage an email
  • create and manage domains as well as subdomains
  • search a database
  • set your password and security

And in general, cPanel has two interfacethat is user interface or a view for users which can be referred to as cPanel and a view used for server management which is referred to as Web Host Manager (WHM).