What is Bing Search Engine? (Come on, Learn!!)


What is Bing Search Engine? – Bing is a Search Engine which was officially introduced on May 28, 2009 by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. This can be done at the conference All Things DigitalUnited States and officially launched on June 1 to replace the previous search engine, namely Live Search.

Bing Search Engine has been created using a technology called PowerSet which was purchased by Microsoft in 2008. This technology allows users to get a much more accurate search result. In addition, Bing is also equipped with the ability to save and share search history via Facebook, Skydrive and email. Bing groups searches into 4 categories, which are as follows:

  • News to search for a news.
  • Web for website search.
  • Images for searching an image.
  • xRank which is used to search for who and what Bing users search the most.
bing search engine
bing search engine

Features on Bing Search Engine

1. Best Match Features

Best Match is a feature that is used to display relevant search results according to the keywords that have been entered.

2. Interface Features

Interface Features is used to display an image with a background and will change every day.

3. Media Features

Media Features is a feature that allows users to search for the desired images and videos.

4. Instant Answer feature

Instant Answer is a feature that allows users to get more accurate and precise information.

5. Bing Maps Features

The Bing Maps feature found on the Bing Search Engine is virtual earth. Which means it can allow users to know where the locations of many regions and countries in the world are.

6. Bing Travel Features

The last feature is Bing Travel. Bing with this feature is used to display a budget when you want to travel.

The advantages of Bing Search Engine are:

  1. The Image That Is On The Background Is More Varied
  2. Having an Instant Answer Facility
  3. Search Results For Videos and Images Displayed and Filtered With Details
  4. Detail Box Inside Search Result Link
  5. A Much More Interactive Bing Maps View
  6. Having Related Searches Fasilitas Facility
  7. And Also Has Smart Video Preview Facility

Well, above was a brief explanation of the understanding and features and also the advantages of the Bing Search Engine. Hopefully you can understand the explanation in this article, Thank you!