What is Audacity?

What is Audacity? Audacity is a completely free, open source digital audio editor application. And it’s also available for use on Windows, macOS, Linux as well as other unix-like operating systems. Audacity It was developed in late 1999 by Dominic Mazzoni and Roger Dannenberg at Carnegie Mellon University and was released on May 28, 2000.

If you use Audacity In this way, you can correct certain sound files or just add various effects that have been provided in the application. You can also be creative with your voice to make it a good ringtone. They also still use the C and C++ programming languages.

Features On Audacity

  1. Make Ringtones.
  2. Eliminate Vowels.
  3. Lame MP3 installation.
  4. Slow down the song.
  5. Fade out effect.
  6. Reduce mp3 size.
  7. Eliminate Noise.
  8. Recording Voice.
  9. Merge two audio files.

Audacity also process audio by cutting, multiplying, merging tracks with one another, recording sound or giving special effects. The files they produce are WAV, AIFF, MP3, and Ogg Vorbis. You can also record what you produce yourself and then edit it and you can use it for anything.


For those who are not familiar with Audacity you should know this is one of the most emblematic Free Software programs. With which we can digitally record and edit audio from your respective computers. And they also just released the latest version so that you don’t have trouble if you use it.

You can download it for free on your PC or Laptop, respectively. If you want to change a tone or ringtone, you can try it so that you also understand when you use it. Or you can also remove sounds that you might not want to be able to use the application Audacity it easily and easily.

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