What is PrestaShop? (Come on, Visit and Learn!!)


What is PrestaShop? – Hi guys How are you? I hope you are always healthy and fine. This time I will give a review about PrestaShop. So, what is PrestaShop? Keep on reading the article below so you know what is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is a CMS based on PHP MySQL which is commonly used for online stores. Because it’s already based on the circulating themes, mostly based on online stores. PrestaShop itself has been distributed for free or can be known as open source. So, PrestaShop is a system using management like a professional shopping cart content which can be downloaded for free.


Some of the Advantages of PrestaShop

  1. Very easy to use (User-friendly), No need to be a good programmer to use or apply PrestaShop. Because this software has been designed to be easy to use by anyone.
  2. More Extensive, PrestaShop is a platform that has approximately 300 features, from payments to stock management. You will be given additional features with the ability to shop for more than 300 modules in the form of add-ons.
  3. Easy to useit can be easy for you to add or manage the products you have because the management system offered is quite easy to understand.
  4. Multi LanguagePrestaShop has been born and developed in France and Spain but this is not a reason to be difficult to understand because there are already language adjustments in the interface.
  5. Progress in Business, not only focus on customers prestashop also helps to develop. By providing a review of data on sales, visitor traffic, product types, and so on.
menus modules
menus modules

Integrate PrestaShop functions as below:

  • Options in Shipping
  • Rates Price
  • Restrictions on delivery
  • Management for inventory
  • Report presentation and analysis
  • Management on multi-stores,
  • Management on return
  • A total of approximately 310 integrated functions

Products and displays in PrestaShop

PrestaShop will display product variants in an extraordinary way with already varied display possibilities. Price display with VAT or not with VAT, content display in cart, card printing and product display in similar categories.

That’s all my review for this time, THANK YOU ! and see you again in the next article.