What is Magento?


What is Magento? – Whether it’s a small business or a large company, you can create a shop on line according to the need for complete control options, user-friendly and quite easy to use. By using Magento/Adobe Commerce, you can easily connect your shopping experience across the world channeland added brand that reach a wider range of consumers.

Magento itself is a Content Management System (CMS) which has the properties of open source for the management of website shop on line. Magento allows you to build sites e-commerce very easily. There are also various features that are already available to complete the shop on line-mu, such as there are various payment method options, then the product management panel, and the system cart shopping.

edit magento homepage
edit magento homepage

Features in Magento / Adobe Commerce

As a platform CMS for online store websites, Magento also provides a variety of features that facilitate e-commerce development and management. The following are some of the features it has provided:

  • Inventory management on products: Magento already provides inventory management on products that make it easy to manage. Edit and add a product on the online store website.
  • Various payment options: Magento also provides a fairly complete payment solution that accepts and manages payments across multiple options. You can manage payments, data on orders and reporting securely in one platform.
  • Recommended products: Equipped with AI technology that automatically suggests relevant products based on behavior customers and specific product features. This is one way to improve merchandising digitally without having to do it manually.
  • Analytic Tools: Analytics features also make reporting easier visually. This feature can convert data into a report in a visual form that has been saved to the dashboard by including: update report automatic and data export options.

Advantages of Magento

Arranging in various online stores is quite a hassle, isn’t it? However, with the presence of the Magento system. Besides will be more simpleof course the server capacity that you have through cheap hosting be more frugal. This CMS also offers other advantages, because through the multiple store feature, you can create a website virtual mall. This can allow you to create an online mall consisting of a combination of several of your online sites.