What is AutoCAD?

What is AutoCAD? AutoCAD is a CAD computer software for 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional drawing that has been developed directly by Autodesk. Released in early December 1982. And still using the Windows operating system. Using the Computer-aided type.

Released stable in 2016 to be exact March 20, 2015. AutoCAD currently also only runs on Microsoft operating systems. Versions for Unix and Macintosh were released from 1980 to 1990. AutoCAD it also still runs on emulators like Virtual PC or Wine. CAD also allows you to prepare drawings quickly and accurately. As well as facilitate the visualization of ideas and ideas well and easily.

Features in AutoCAD

  1. 2D and 3D drafting tools.
  2. Rendering Options.
  3. Convert PDF to DWG.
  4. Shorter image creation process.
  5. The level of accuracy tends to be higher.
  6. Images that are easy to document.

AutoCAD is a CAD-based application where the use of this application is quite a lot because it offers various advantages compared to other products with the same function. This application is produced by a company called Autodesk which was first introduced in 1982 with Autocad 1.0.


AutoCAD Functions

  1. Used to design designs in airplane mode.
  2. AutoCAD It is also used to design bridge designs.
  3. Used to make a picture of a house.
  4. Used as an application to create an image of a car.
  5. even AutoCAD this can be used to make a design such as nuts, nails, hammers, machines and other purposes.

AutoCAD It is also capable of creating a short picture. You can use it if you want to draw fast. And the unexpected AutoCAD This can also create an image that is almost the same as the original image. aside from that AutoCAD This also does not contain large or small images so that the image will be more beautiful when viewed.

Well, that’s a brief explanation of What is AutoCAD?. If you find a sentence that is not clear, please forgive me. Hopefully the knowledge that we provide is useful for you and also everyone who reads it. Thank you ️

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