What is DaVinci Resolve? (Listen… )

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What is DaVinci Resolve? DaVinci Resolve is a color grading, Color correction, Visual effects and audio post production video editing app for macOS, Windows, Linux. Initially they were also developed directly by da Vinci Systems. And now it has been developed directly by Blancmmagic Design after being acquired in 2009.

Released live in 2004. DaVinci Resolve This is taken from the name of the genius that is Leonardo da Vinci. The software that deals with art is named after an art master from an American company.

Advantages DaVinci Resolve

  1. Providing Free service and that’s for sure.
  2. Multi-platform.
  3. Fast rendering.
  4. Very easy to use.
  5. The functionality of this software is also well organized.
  6. And also you can use it free of charge.

DaVinci Resolve was originally a software created by a company from the United States called DaVinci Systems in 2004. In that year its name was DaVinci Resolve. DaVinci Systems itself is a company engaged in the film industry. They are also famous for their ‘movie people’ products.


In 2009, DaVinci Systems was acquired by another film company. Namely Blackmagic Design. A company founded in 2001 and headquartered in Australia. Since the acquisition that’s software DaVinci Resolve This suddenly evolved into the software we know today. You can use it so that your editing results can be beautiful. As a versatile tool you can use it at any time.

DaVinci Resolve This is also almost the same as AVID, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro and many more. You can use it for free which we have mentioned above. You simply access each section to customize its interface with the editing section you’re working on. In this latest version, there are lots of new features with modules that have been added so you can work on two timelines at once.

Also in this section you will easily find tools to create real-time overlays, change speed, stabilize footage, or use dynamic zoom that is already available there. Well, that’s a brief explanation of What is DaVinci Resolve?. If you find a sentence that does not match what you understand, please forgive me. Thank you