What is Autodesk Maya? (Here’s the meaning…)

Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Maya

What is Autodesk Maya? Maya is a 3D computer graphics software created directly by Alias ​​Systems Corporation. Maya used in the film, TV industry and also for video games on computers. This software also turned out to be used in the making of Upin Ipin animation. They also still use Python, Maya Embedded Language, C++ and C Sharp.

Developed directly by Alias ​​Systems Corporation but now expertly taken up by Autodesk. Maya also shows the node graph architecture. Elements are node-based, Each node also has its own attributes and also customization.

Features On Autodesk Maya

  1. Fluid Effects, Realistic realistic fluid simulation that is effective for creating smoke, fire, clouds and others.
  2. Classic ClotFabric simulation to automatically use realistic moving fabrics through animated characters.
  3. FurHair-like animal simulated by Maya.
  4. nHairA simulation for realistic-looking human hair that can be used with curves or paint effects.
  5. Maya LiveA set of motion trackers for GG is perfect for clearing the plate footage.
  6. nClothAutodesk simulation framework.
  7. nParticiple,Simulate a variety of highly complex 3D effects.
  8. MatchMover,Allows compositing of CGI elements with motion data from video sequences or movies that you create.
  9. Camera Sequencer,Used to draw multiple camera layouts and arrange them in one animation sequence.

    virtual software
    virtual software

As a software for creating 3D animation and modeling it can be said Maya which is the most popular among editors and is also good for modeling and animation. Especially character modeling and animation. aside from that Maya also often used to design special effects for films. You can also try it for free by opening the software. And still using the type of 3D computer graphics.

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