What is Inkscape?(A great design app!!)


What is Inkscape? – You want to design or create an illustration, but it is free of charge?. The Inkscape app is the solution. Software this one you can use for free, the features it has are also quite complete.

There are those who don’t know about GIMP, there are several detailed stories about the advantages of GIMP software that people should know why it is the best. Maybe some people always design using Photoshop. If you want to find an alternative, GIMP is one solution.

Basically, the functions of these two software, namely Inkscape and GIMP, are almost the same. There are only a few differences that cause us to be forced to use both.


Features of Inkscape

1. Create an object

2. Manipulating objects

3. Change object color

4. There are various document format options

Then, what is it Inkscape ?

Inkscape is a software that is often used for design work other than GIMP. Unlike Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape may be less popular for some ordinary people. Only those who make designs know about this inkscape software. But don’t be surprised if there is this inkscape title as an alternative to illustrator.

Because there are many advantages of inkscape below which make it more popular and widely chosen. Not that Adobe Illustrator isn’t great. But many people choose other software to make designs.

5 Advantages of Inkscape Software

As I already stated on what is inkscape, this inkscape software is open source. Which means (free to use). If anyone wants to try, you can download the official Inkscape software and install it near the laptop.

2 . Many users

This software application is used by many people to design. Apart from being free, this application also has some interesting features that I have mentioned above.

3. Support various formats

Inkscape also supports various other file formats, you can also open adobe illustration.

4. User Friendly on Layout

To determine whether a software is happy or not, people will definitely be familiar with this Inksckape layout, it might be easy to use.

That’s a short explanation from me about Inkscape, Thank you.