What is PhotoScape? (Explanation and Features

what is photoshop
what is photoshop

What is PhotoScape? – Judging from the name, Photoshop is definitely things related to photos, whether it’s an editing application, posting platform and others. But what exactly is Photoscape?. Photoscape is a software application for editing bitmap images. Many use this application instead of using Adobe Photoshop. Of course because of the many advantages offered.

One of them is that this application is free, so anyone can download and use it. By paying nothing, you can enjoy the services and superior features offered. This is different from Adobe Photoshop which has to pay a lot to be able to use its services and features.

Besides being free, it turns out that Photoscape is lighter than Adobe Photoshop. That way you don’t need a high-spec laptop to be able to edit using this application. Memory requirements are much less, allowing you to multitask while editing photos.

Not only that, this software is more practical for light editing than Adobe Photoshop. because the features provided are fewer than adobe photoshop. But apart from those mentioned above, there are still many features offered by this software, including:

Features in Photoscape

photo editor
photo editor
  1. Object Editor, this feature can be used to edit the details of individual objects, for example to correct red eyes, delete objects, and so on.
  2. Batch Converter, the second feature after the object editor is a batch converter. This feature has a function to convert several files at one time (at once).
  3. Batch Editor, this third feature is used to edit multiple images simultaneously or simultaneously on one screen.
  4. Screen Capture, this feature has a function that is usually used to record the screen display (screenshot).
  5. RAW Converter, RAW is an image format other than jpg, png, and others. This feature has a function to convert RAW photos with very large file sizes to JPG formats with small file sizes.

So much information that we can provide about Photoscape, hopefully the information we provide is useful, thank you.