How to Increase Website Traffic (You Must Know!)


How to Increase Website Traffic – In this era of technological advancement and everything online, a website or blog is an element that has an important role for some people. especially for them – those who use the website as a personal business interest. There are many advantages to using a website, including being able to help market products and build a brand image.

Of course, the use of websites in the business world is very effective. Moreover, promotions carried out through websites and blogs do not need to cost a lot. To be sure, this requires a process that can be considered difficult – difficult easy. When you have created a website, there is another thing we must pay attention to, namely traffic.

how to increase website traffic
how to increase website traffic

Traffic is the number of people who visit the website and carry out activities on the website for a certain duration. When someone visits your website, their activity and link visits are recorded by your domain. The higher the website traffic, the higher the chance that your website will be popular. So, how do you increase website traffic?

How to Increase Traffic

  1. on-page SEO, What is meant by On Page SEO is optimizing search engines (browsers) to bring in a lot of visitors. Actually SEO optimization is used to make our website in the top position in the browser. What needs to be considered in on page SEO is the accuracy of keywords, meta descriptions, language arrangement and others.
  2. Creating Quality Content, The content displayed on the website must contain information that can be understood by visitors. You can add photo, video, audio and other content to make your website more attractive.
  3. Site Post on various Social Media, The next way is to share your site url on various social media platforms. But of course it must be adjusted to the theme of the site that you will share. That way, it will bring visitors to your website.
  4. Perform content updates, Generally, content that has been around for a long time will be considered unattractive, you can update it by adding some additional information that is more absorbable by website visitors.
  5. Increase website speed, that way people who visit your website will be interested, because all the information on your website can be accessed quickly. This can make these visitors become regular visitors to our website.

So much information that we can provide about How to Increase Website Traffic, hopefully this information is useful, thank you