What is CMS? (Creating Content Easier!!!)


What is a CMS?- Do you have the desire to create your own website without the need to know programming languages ​​in more detail and hire the services of a programmer?. If you want to create a simple website with an attractive appearance, then CMS is the answer as well as the solution. If you don’t know what a CMS is. In this article I will discuss more deeply about CMS understanding, functions, advantages and disadvantages.


Understanding CMS

Content Management System or CMS for short is a software system that can be used to manage and create various content on a website. Examples are company profile websites, blogs, landing pages, and so on.

A content management system is a suitable solution for those of you who want to develop websites without having to learn more about programming languages. Don’t worry, you can still explore. And can build a website according to your needs and not inferior to the appearance of a website that uses a process coding.

In a content management system there are also two elements with each different function. The first one is CDA (Content Delivery Application) which can be used toupdates content from previous site owners. And the second one is CMA (Content Management Application) which has a function to manage and organize the content you want to create.

CMS Functions

Has the main function to be able to manage and develop content more flexibly and quickly. As a platform, CMS also provides various conveniences for users to be able to explore more deeply about the content contained in a website.

Ease in the management system for this content includes an easier process of sorting articles or blogs. You just need to focus on content creation and related to the development and structure of a layout itself which is provided here default by CMS.

Kinds of CMS

There are 3 kinds of CMS applications that you can use for free or paid.

  1. WordPress
  2. Drupal
  3. Joomla

The advantages of using CMS

  1. Easy for content creation and management.
  2. In creating a website using a CMS, it is not necessary to use a dominant programming language.
  3. Using various plugins and extensions for site page creation.

Disadvantages of CMS

  1. For the use of the design theme features that are used have the same visual design between one website and another website.
  2. Flexibility in creating a site still tends to be lacking, especially compared to the application development process that uses software coding.
  3. Can affect page load website or the speed of a website.

The conclusion is, CMS is software that is used to help the process of content management in websites.