What is an Internet Provider (Explanation, Functions and Examples)

internet provider
internet provider

What is an Internet Provider – Provider is a term most often used in technological developments in computer networks. Did you know that we can get various services that we get through computer networks through providers. To get information on the internet, of course, we need an internet connection, now how to connect an internet connection is through Internet Providers. Then what is an internet provider?

Internet Provider Is

what is internet provider
what is internet provider

Provider is a service provider to users or users. Providers include matters relating to companies that serve website creation, internet access providers and their maintenance. In addition, the provider also provides functions in terms of website promotion, so that the website you create can be visited by people.

If the provider is a service provider company, then the internet provider is a service to connect to the internet or better known as an Internet Service Provider. We can find these service providers in telephone service providers. This is because the telephone service provider companies certainly provide communication network services, so it will be easier to run this business together.

Internet Provider Functions

  1. As a liaison or intermediary media in internet connection.
  2. Connecting users with the WWW which is a collection of computer resources, so that users can more easily get and access information.
  3. Facilitate online communication anywhere.
  4. Modem provider for dial-up connection.
  5. Protection against antivirus by using an antivirus system service.
  6. Connect the user’s computer to the nearest gateway.
  7. Provide much broader information on the internet from various sources and quickly.

Example Provider

  1. Indihome, comes from the largest Telkomsel network company in Indonesia. So that this provider has a wide reach and has spread throughout Indonesia. However, in addition to internet providers, this company also provides landline and cable TV services.
  2. MyRepublic, There are different types of packages.
  3. CBN, is a wireless internet service provider with speeds up to 1GB/s.
  4. Ozone, a provider that is currently popular, because of its good quality and affordable price.

So much information that we can provide about Internet providers, hopefully the information we provide is useful, thank you.