What is Swiftkey Keyboard? (Easy SwiftKey Keyboard!!)

swifkey keyboard
swifkey keyboard

What is Swiftkey Keyboard?-Sometimes the keypad format on a touch screen smartphone is too small so users find it difficult to type quickly. SwiftKey Keyboard is a keyboard replacement application with a touch screen on your Android device. This application will make you type faster and more precisely.

SwiftKey Keyboard has the most precise autocorrect and is able to predict the next word before you touch the screen. This application is able to learn writing styles through your Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts that you have.

If you type in multiple languages, you can activate 3 languages ​​at the same time. This application is supported by more than 50 languages ​​in the world including Indonesian.

This application made by a Top Developer has been downloaded by more than 9 million people who use Android. SwiftKey Keyboard can be downloaded for free using an Android device, namely through the Google Play Store.


What Features Are in SwiftKey Keyboard?

Well, there are also features in this SwiftKey. Here are some features in the swiftkey keyboard application that have certain advantages.

  1. No Need to scan Language Settings

Similar to Gboard, Swiftkey also supports typing in various languages. With SwiftKey you no longer have to bother changing settings to type in multiple languages.

2. More Accurate Word Prediction

Word prediction and auto-correction often make your thumbs sore when typing. Swiftkey is like Gboard in that it learns patterns and how we type. As far as my experience goes, the results are very satisfying.

3. Swiftkey Flow Works Very Well

Write with swipe on the keyboard may not be widely used. When using Gboard, I will turn this feature off because it’s not accurate enough.

4. Clipboard

The application features on the Swiftkey keyboard are arguably the champions. Because any word or sentence you copy copyautomatically saved in clipboard Swiftkey. When you want to use it again at some point, the word is still sitting and ready to be put back.

5. Work Quickly Without Feeling

Once you find a setting that suits your needs, all you have to do is type. Unnoticed, Swiftkey will help that process in the background imperceptibly.

I think, This article is enough to tell you about SwiftKey Keyboard. This application will help you to simplify or assist the typing process.