What is Drupal (Definition and Functions)

What is Drupal
What is Drupal

What is Drupal – In layman, drupal may be a foreign term because it is very rarely heard. But not with people who have long been in the world of programming and website development. Drupal has become a familiar term by a web development worker or developer. The existence of Drupal which is open source will make it easier for website owners to create, develop, and manage websites.

So, What is Drupal?


Drupal application is one of the Content Management Systems software or applications developed by Belgian students in 2000. Drupal is an open source database creation application, which in its development uses the PHP programming language. Making this database application already has permission from the GPL.

This application can be downloaded for free by everyone. You can download it in your favorite browser. This website builder application is widely used by website owners because its management is very easy and of course free as previously mentioned.

It can be concluded that Drupal is a Content Management System application that is open source so that it can be used by everyone and the download is free. In its application, drupal is not only used for website builders, but is also used to manage and develop websites.

Functions of the Drupal Application

The functions of implementing Drupal include:

  1. Content Management Software, the use of this database can make it easier for individuals or even groups to create and manage websites. in its use, drupal can be adjusted to the wishes or needs of the user.
  2. As a social media and online shopping site, Drupal can be used to create software or social media applications and online shopping sites that can later be operated by the audience.
  3. As an internal application, This database application can be used for making internal applications or internal websites for companies and individuals.
  4. Create Product Profiles, cataloging and profiles of featured products can be done with this application. You will get a lot of convenience because in this application there are plugins that will make it easier for you to manage your website as needed.

That’s all we can say about Drupal and its functions, hopefully the information we provide can be useful, thank you.