What is Google Slides? (Learn the following… )

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google slides logo

What is Google Slides? Google Slides is a presentation program included as part of the Google Docs Editor suite. The free web-based ones offered by Google itself. Services covered by Google Slides are Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Images, Google Forms, Google Sites and also Google Keep. Still using the JavaScript programming language.

First released on March 9, 2006 exactly 16 years ago. Using Android, IOS, macOS, Windows, BlackBerry and Chrome OS operating systems. The platforms they use are Google, Apple, Microsoft. And available in 83 languages.

Features On Google Slides

  1. Collaboration and revision history Serves as a collaborative tool for real-time co-editing of presentations.
  2. Explore, To provide functionality to add to the drive via machine learning.
  3. Item Action, you can make it easier to see who is responsible for individual collaborator tasks.
  4. Add-on, This is a new feature to develop on the part of adding more and more features to Google Sheets.
  5. Offline editing, To view and edit presentations offline and users need to use a web browser on Google Chrome.

Deficiency Google Slides

  1. Must use Gmail.
  2. Few effect options

Basically Google Slides which is a service that can be used to create presentation slides. In September 2007 Google released a presentation for the Google Docs suite. That stems from the company’s acquisition of Tonic Systems on April 17, 2007. Google SlidesIt also supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Ferifox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari web browsers. You can also access presentations and other files via the Google Drive website.

google slides
google slides

You can also add or change existing animations and transitions on the Google Slides. You can also use this service for free at no cost. There are also benefits that you may not understand, one of which is that you can collaborate with your colleagues when using Google Slides the.

Well, that’s it for a brief explanation about What’s that Google Slides. If you find a word or sentence error, please forgive me. Thanks.