What is Google Sites? (Here’s a brief explanation)

google sites logo
google sites logo

What is Google Sites? Google Sites is a structured wiki application for creating personal and group websites for personal and corporate purposes. Google Sites this can also be a substitute for Google Page Creator. This application was also originally called jotSpot. Google Sites this is the easiest way so that you can get information and can be accessed by people who need it quickly.

Features On Google Sites

  • Translate or translator.
  • Time setting.
  • Calculator.
  • Search or search.
  • File Search.
  • Meeting schedule.
  • Public Data.
  • Google products.
  • Drag and drop.

Advantages You Can Understand From Google Sites

  1. Integrated with Google.
  2. Maximum Security.
  3. Very Fast Website Access.
  4. Sharing Features
  5. Really simple look.
  6. Access from any Device.
  7. And lastly it’s free.

The services provided for the services offered are FREE from there so you don’t need to be confused anymore to use them. Google Sites is also a Google-owned service that we described earlier. If you are not familiar Google Sites it is almost the same as Wix and WordPress in appearance.

google sites
google sites

Google Sites This will not allow you and your users to see sites published by other domains. Even if the site is set as only everyone on the web can find and view it. This is also a golden opportunity for anyone to exist in the online world by having a personal website.

If you create a website on Google Sites this. You don’t have to work hard to understand programming languages ​​or coding at all. However, if you feel that something is still lacking in the services provided here, you can also buy a private and independent domain and hosting that has been provided and trusted, such as Qwords.

You can also use the services of this website for free on Google Sites the. Well, that’s it for a brief explanation about What is Google Sites?. If you find a sentence or there is a typo, please forgive me.