What is Google Analytics? (Listen… )

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What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a free service from Google that displays visitor statistics on a website. Google Analytics This is also usually used by website and blog owners to analyze a website’s performance based on the statistical data that will be displayed.

Application Google Analytics You can access it via the address google.com/analytics/. Google Analytics This can also be used as the traffic density of the website/blog. To register on Google Analytics You must have your own Google account.

Features On Google Analytics

  1. Real-Time ReportsReports containing the number of visitors in real time.
  2. AudienceShows trends that visitors can see over time.
  3. AcquisitionShows the outline if the channel the visitor came from.
  4. BehaviorShows the average site performance such as pageviews.

Benefit From Google Analytics

  1. Knowing who the target consumers are, you can target the consumers you want to target.
  2. Get an overview of current business performance, To improve business in presenting realtime data and information.
  3. Assist in compiling business reports, To provide timely data that is useful in preparing reports.
  4. Helping innovate to improve business, Giving you the convenience of being able to find out the number of visitors on their respective websites.

    google analytics
    google analytics

Google Analytics an application that you can use for free and sophisticated in its use. Can also measure the effectiveness of online and offline marketing. Google Analytics this is also tools which can be used to monitor and analyze the web and online connected platforms provided free of charge by Google.

Until today Google Analytics is an indispensable requirement for website owners, digital marketers and SEOs to get visitor statistics from a website. So don’t be surprised if tools used by marketers to gain insight into all their activities from their respective website visitors.

Well, that’s a brief explanation of What is Google Analytics?. If you find a sentence that is not clear, please forgive me. Hopefully there is some benefit from us for you that we can explain above. Thanks.