What is WooCommerce?

What is WooCommerce? WooCommerce is a plugin to create an online store that provides a full range of features in order to support the function of the online store. By getting to know the term this plugin, you can display your products that will be bought and sold in your online sales.

WooCommerceit can also be used for individuals as well as joint businesses that need their own online sales. And also there are various features that you may not understand.

Features On WooCommerce

  1. Payment Gateway, which provides various payment methods by cash or delivery (COD) and many more.

  2. Product Management, you can also add in the form of goods directly and digital products.
  3. Sales Reporting, Can help you in making reports so that goods are sold in detail.
  4. Shopping Rules, Make it easy for buyers to place orders for products.

The benefits that we can get are that we can use it on WordPress, Cost WooCommerce ie free, Easy to do customization. The advantage that we can see is that every website is very important for all business people, especially in processing transactions online and offline.

woocommerce images
woocommerce images

You can also curse it safely because many have used it to sell online. And it has also been trusted by millions of users because many have sold their goods on the website.

You can also combine it in WordPress so that it can be developed into a website. And also very easy to use by anyone for new users is also very easy to use. There is also a very attractive discount so you can buy the sales available there.

Providing a variety of themes, you can also change the theme so that your store is attractive and some people visit and buy it for their own needs. There are also various themes from free to paid ones, you can choose your own.

Well, that’s a brief explanation about What’s that WooCommerce?. If you find a sentence that is not clear, please forgive, because every human being is not free from mistakes. Thanks.

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