What is Remini? (Listen to a brief explanation)

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remini logo

What is Remini? Remini is an application that can show and improve the quality of blurry photos to HD High Definition. This is often used for editing if you don’t want to be complicated with Photoshop. But unfortunately there are only a few that can be edited, sometimes some can make us laugh. You can use it for free.

You can also use it offline or online. And can be shared online. Here you can also edit videos that are not clear if you want to edit them. There is also a premium version here so you can use it if you want to download photos without the hassle of ads. You can use this for free.

Features of the Remini Application

  1. Enhance: sharpen facial texture in blurry photos.
  2. Videos enhance: sharpen blur video or photo.
  3. Paint: change the photo like a painting.
  4. Face animator: make photos move.
  5. Portrait: improve photo quality such as light samples, facial blemishes, and skin texture.
  6. Sketch: turn photos into pen sketches.
  7. DeScratch: fix photos that have scratches on the image.
  8. Retro: fix an old photo.
  9. Colorize: can give color to the photo.
  10. oil painting: can change the image like an oil painting.
  11. Bleach manga: can change photos like comic sketches.
  12. Blink: can make photos move or like a GIF.
  13. Draw me:sketch can turn into a brush sketch.
  14. FaceMo: can zoom in and change the speed of the video and is devoted to the face.
  15. SlowMo: can make a regular video into slow motion.


Android users as well as IOS can use the application Remini this is for free friends. And reportedly again able to edit on a PC or laptop respectively. You need to be able to understand that this application can edit a maximum of 5 photos in a day and no more. Here there is also the latest feature, namely the Unlock All Premium feature. You can use it to make other features premium.

Well, that’s a brief explanation of What is Remini?. If you find it difficult to read or have difficulty with the grammar we explain to you, please forgive me. Thanks.