What is Digital Advertising? ( You must know! )

What is Digital Advertising
What is Digital Advertising

What is Digital Advertising? – Technological advances are increasingly sophisticated in human life. This brings of course brings many benefits also to our lives. The benefits obtained are in various fields, ranging from the fields of communication, information, transportation, and advertising is no exception.

We used to know television, newspapers, and radio as media to promote a product or company. Although all three are still used today, the impact in the advertising world is not as strong and strong as it used to be. In today’s era, the world of advertising has shifted to Digital Advertising, which has a greater impact on promotion. What is digital advertising, what is an example?

What is Digital Advertising?

digital advertising
digital advertising

Digital advertising is a form of communication from the company to promote its products using various digital media channels and platforms. It can be said that digital advertising is included in a marketing strategy where the way it works is in the form of an invitation to consumers to make purchases on social media pages. The social media can be in the form of applications (instagram, facebook, shopee, lazada, etc.), web browsers, blogs and various other digital media.

Why is it done through social media or digital media? This is of course because the presence of technology today provides various options and opportunities for companies to communicate with consumers. By using social media with many active internet users in the world, the opportunity for a product or company to be widely known becomes very large.

Digital Advertising Example

From the past until now, of course, digital advertising continues to innovate. Until now, there are several examples of the application or digital advertising format that is widely used by companies, the following is an explanation:

  1. Social Media Ads, Through advertisements placed on social media, it is tantamount to introducing products to the public, building communication, increasing visits and increasing the level of sales of a company.
  2. remarketing, is a strategy to be able to connect with visitors who have interacted with websites or e-commerce. Simply put, marketers will create advertisements aimed at users who have interacted with their website.
  3. Search Engine Marketing, namely a marketing strategy where it provides the benefits of making our website ranked and top position in browser search pages through advertisements.
  4. display ads, is an ad consisting of a video, image or text that prompts internet users to click through to the landing page and take further action. These actions are in the form of purchases, website visits, or filling out forms.

That’s all this article can convey about digital advertising, hopefully it will be useful.