What is CamScanner? (Easy for you to Scan Documents!)

what is a cam scanner
what is a cam scanner

What is CamScanner?-The sophistication of gadgets today is no longer a step. Mvarious kinds of gadgets / smartphones from various brands that are increasingly circulating in the market. From pocket-friendly prices to pocket-draining ones, there’s everything. It’s just a matter of how we choose to just be stylish or adjust to your needs.

For example, the easiest to review is the use of smartphones with the Android platform. Lots of people are competing to have this one smartphone because there are so many interesting applications that are already offered in it. And in this article, I will describe one of my applications called CamScanner.

What is CamScanner?

CamScanner is an application that makes it easy for users to scan ID, files, book covers or whatever according to your needs. The scan results that have come out are very clear and similar to the original or similar if you use a regular scan tool.

How to use this application is quite easy, you just need to take a photo of the ID or file you want to upload, then adjust the edit a little, then save. And out the results of the scan you want.

Why this application can be a savior?

Because, in this application you can easily take pictures (such as taking photos of diplomas, magazines, notes, etc.). In this application you can edit, print, fax documents easily and you can collaborate safely.

However, what is very unfortunate even though this application is available in all play stores on any type of android. However, not all types are compatible with this application, such as the Galaxy Young. It can’t be installed because the device is not compatible even so, there’s no harm in trying it for those of you who have another type of Android smartphone. Because I have never tried other types of Android.


Tips for Using CamScanner to Scan Documents

How to use the Camscanner application as a document scan on Android, make sure you have this application installed. If not, you can download and install first what is available on the Playstore.

You will find on the display Welcome on Camscanner. For this stage, you can create or log in to the Camscanner application account. If not, select Use Now so that you can directly slide to the main page of Camscanner without you logging in first.

If you have started the scan process, you click tap Start Scan on the icon that has a camera image on the bottom right of your phone screen. Then, allow the app to take pictures and record videos. Then, you can prepare the document that you will scan and select the type of document that is already on Camscanner.

Hopefully what is in my article this time is useful for you.