What are Routers? (Here’s the full explanation)

router is
router is

What are Routers? Router is a device that plays an important role in the process of connecting the internet network. The process of connecting the internet network is also known as routing. Without this process, the device you are using will not be able to connect to the internet and surf in cyberspace. The function of the router is certainly related to the network and internet usage. Simply put, a router is a piece of hardware that is responsible for connecting a network. Routers can connect the same network or different networks.

what is router
what is router

The function of the router is to create a route for the network to reach its destination. Routers are usually connected to two or more data lines from different IP networks. In simple terms, the function of a router is to direct traffic in a network, including the internet. But not only that, below are some router functions that you should know:

Functions Of Router

  1. Connecting the network to DSL, the first function is to connect the network to DSL. Router is a local network connecting device with a DSL connection or better known as a DSL router. Usually DSL routers are used as data protectors so that the internet network is more secure. With the rapid development of technology, now you can use wireless technology.
  2. Delivering information, the second function of the router is to convey information. Routers can deliver data from one network to another (transmission), where the system works like a bridge.
  3. Connecting the network, basically the function of the router is as a network liaison. The main function of the router is to connect several networks so that internet users can send data packets between networks.

Types of Routers

  1. Static Router, is a router that is able to perform the routing process of a network, where the process is done manually by an admin
  2. Dynamic router, is a router that can perform the routing process automatically after being set by a network administrator.
  3. Wireless router, is a router that can work without using cables and using air media to send data packets.
  4. Router software, is a software that allows a PC with an operating system to become a router.
  5. PC router, is an operating system that has the facilities and how it works to share IP addresses
  6. Router hardware / physical, is a system of devices that can share and transmit IP Address. Hardware routers are the most commonly used router types.

That’s the explanation we can give about routers and their functions and types, hopefully it’s useful, thank you.